Life in the Body of Christ by Curtis Thomas

“This book is a compendium of wisdom about a neglected topic—churchmanship. Curtis Thomas writes as one who has been seasoned by a life consumed with the study of the Word of God, with years of pastoral experience and the godly maturity of a gracious saint who has run the race and kept the faith. His insights into the nature of the Christian life, the needs of God’s people and the centrality of the church in the plan of God are superlative. This is a great book. If widely read and taken to heart, it will revitalize God’s people and strengthen Christ’s church.” —Dr. Tedd Tripp

Nine Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever

"Nine Marks of a Healthy Church" is not an instruction manual for church growth. It is a pastor’s recommendation of how to assess the health of your church using nine crucial qualities (like expositional preaching, a biblical understanding of evangelism, and strong church discipline) that are neglected by many of today’s churches. ~GBI Books

Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church by Donald Whitney

Whitney concentrates on the issues of why we ought to participate in the church and how we are to contribute to God’s work. Topics include membership, worship, service, giving, and the ordinances. ~GBI Books

Stop Dating the Church by Joshua Harris

Instead of asking what they can give or how they can serve, too many churchgoers are only interested in what they can get. The church deserves far more than the halfhearted commitment or apathetic neglect it so often receives. In fact, as Harris astutely observes, the Christian life can never be lived to its fullest apart from a genuine passion for the church. It’s time for believers to take the church seriously, which is why the message of this book is so essential. —John MacArthur

The Church in God's Program by Robert L. Saucy

Saucy’s book has been around for a while but is a good textbook, well researched, and ideal for the student or pastor. Dispensational in perspective, the book covers the identity of the church, its organization, ordinances, and worship. ~GBI Books

The Master’s Plan for the Church by John MacArthur

Under the plan God has ordained for the church,” writes MacArthur, “leadership is a position of humble, loving service. Church leadership is ministry, not management. Those whom God designates as leaders are called not to be governing monarchs, but humble slaves, not slick celebrities but laboring servants. The man who leads God’s people must above all exemplify sacrifice, devotion, submission, and lowliness.” ~ GBI Books