Always Ready by Greg Bahnsen

The presentation and defense of the Christian gospel is a noble and biblical responsibility of every Christian. Many believers are better prepared to declare the faith (evangelize) than to defend the faith (apologetics). A most recent book I’ve found of great worth in this area of presuppositional apologetics is Greg Bahnsen’s Always Ready. This work fully develops the biblical data and theological framework of a correct apologetic —Jim Stitzinger

Christian Apologetics by Cornelius Van Til

Van Til presents the underpinnings of his uniquely biblical approach.  He shows how Christian apologetics is rooted in a unified system of scriptural truth, a worldview that encompasses all spheres of knowledge.  Noting the ultimate conflict between Christian and non-Christian systems, Van Til sets forth a method of argument that centers on an all-important, biblically defined point of contact with the unbeliever.

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J. I. Packer

The most liberating doctrine in evangelism is the sovereignty of God. Yet one of the greatest dangers to evangelism, for some, is the sovereignty of God. The goal of J.I. Packer’s book is to define the meaning, method, and mandate on evangelism. He biblically demonstrates and argues that God works out His sovereign plan of salvation through the necessary obedience of every Christian to evangelize. Reading this classic work will not only educate you in understanding the sovereignty of God in evangelism, but it will also motivate you to evangelize. ~ Louis Faustino

Pagans in the Pews by Peter Jones

Within a single generation, Judeo-Christian America has become a breeding ground for the new paganism. Behind the dazzling diversity of pro-choice culture-abortion rights, the homosexual agenda, radical feminism, New Age spirituality, goddess worship and witchcraft-lies a coherent pagan spirituality bent on absolute control of our culture and intolerant of any truth that stands in opposition to its teachings. Pagans in the Pews is essential reading for the Church today.

Tell the Truth by Will Metzger

Metzger begins with an examination of the content of the gospel message, emphasizing God’s holiness and sovereignty as well as His love. Then he considers how the gospel engages the mind, moves the emotions, and challenges the will. He then concludes with practical suggestions for communicating the message of salvation. ~GBI Books

The Battle for the Beginning by John MacArthur

"The Battle for the Beginning" explores the Bible’s own claims about creation, evolution, and the vital issues at stake in the dispute over the beginning of the universe. Genesis 1–3 provides the foundation of every doctrine that is essential to the Christian faith—the vital foundation for everything we believe as Christians. Compromising on the creation account is compromising on biblical truth. This book answers all the tough questions regarding the creation account and arms you to defend against those who deny the Genesis account. ~GBI Books

The Defense of the Faith by Cornelius Van Til

A classic in presuppositional apologetics, this volume presents Van Til’s own thoughts on the subject. The book is not an easy read, but is an essential for understanding Van Til’s method. He contrasts the various systems of apologetics and their treatments of issues like knowledge, common grace, ethics and theology. ~GBI Books

The Soul Winner by Charles Spurgeon

One of the greatest soul winners of all time offers encouraging instruction for you to be a soul winner too. The content of this book provides valuable insight into the meaning and methods of evangelism for every believer. ~GBI Books

Today’s Gospel by Walter Chantry

A stark contrast exists today between the evangelistic message Christ proclaimed and that of many believers! The message of repentance has been exchanged for a more palatable and tolerant message of love and acceptance. In his book, Today’s Gospel Walter Chantry calls the church back to a biblical gospel presentation reflective of the message Christ established in the Scriptures. This book will challenge you to think through the implications of a faulty gospel message and encourage you to be a faithful and accurate spokesman for our sovereign Creator and Lord. —Jim Stitzinger III, Assistant Pastor, Local Outreach Ministries, Grace Community Church

Van Til’s Apologetic by Greg Bahnsen

Written shortly before Dr. Bahnsen’s death, this work represents the essential teachings of Van Till with analysis and comments by the man considered most qualified in Van Till’s method. Ideal for those who find Van Till’s books difficult or confusing, this book presents the elements of presuppositional apologetics in a clear, readable fashion. ~GBI Books

The Gospel & Personal Evangelism by Mark Dever

Evangelism shouldn't be an impromptu event, cropping up only infrequently - and awkwardly even then - and timidly supportive of any inclination to religion or spirituality that the other person holds. As Christians, this should be an appalling representation of our Great Commission. Christians should be bold about the Gospel with other Christians as well as sinners, praying and planning and working together to bring the Gospel more into our lives as well as the lives of those around us. In The Gospel & Personal Evangelism Mark Dever has written a book, both instructive and encouraging, for all Christians in the same spirit that he motivates us to move towards.
In about a hundred pages, Dever discusses modern apprehensions towards evangelism, what the Gospel and evangelism are (and are not), who, how and why we should evangelize, and what we should do after presenting the Gospel. He minces no words, stripping his message down to the basics, and covers the topics thoroughly while leaving nuances and theory to other writers. Depth isn't his intention here, as the subject is already incredibly deep. This is for those of us who have the knowledge of the mandate to evangelize, recognize the persuasion of the Holy Spirit to do so, and have enough compassion for a fallen world to impel us to follow His leading.