An Introduction to the New Testament by D. A. Carson, Douglas Moo, and Leon Morris

An Introduction to the New Testament focuses on what used to be called “special introduction.” The focus of this text is upon the historical question dealing with authorship, date, sources, purpose and destination. By focusing on these essentials, this work ensures that the New Testament books will be accurately understood from their historical setting. ~GBI Books

Backgrounds of Early Christianity by Everett Ferguson

Enhanced with 95 mostly new and improved photographs, this book explores - now in even greater depth - the Roman, Greek, and Jewish political, social, religious, and philosophical backgrounds necessary for a good historical understanding of the New Testament and the early church.

Jesus and the Rise of Early Christianity by Paul Barnett

Gain new insight into first-century Christianity as you explore the world of Caesars and Herods, proconsuls and Pharisees, Sadducees and revolutionaries. Presenting a well-reasoned response to current revisionist views, Barnett argues that we can't fully comprehend the growth of the Christian faith apart from understanding Jesus' impact on his followers---and ultimately the world.

New Testament History by F. F. Bruce

This text was written from the perspective of an historian, not a theologian. The reason for this is because once the historical basis for the New Testament is laid, then the theological implications are more clearly understood and appreciated.  ~GBI Books

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New Testament Introduction by Donald Guthrie

Twenty years after it was first issued in one volume, Donald Guthrie has revised his widely acclaimed New Testament Introduction. A careful recasting of a benchmark evangelical work, this new edition provides a fixed point for surveying the terrain of the New Testament and its interpreters. ~GBI Books

Paul: Apostle of the Heart Set Free by F. F. Bruce

Hailed by Theology Today as "F.F. Bruce's magnum opus," this splendid biography uses history, archaeology, and the biblical text to focus primarily on the apostle's life. Bruce also examines the main themes in Pauline thought, set in their historical background and illustrated from his letters.