Evangelicalism Divided by Iain Murray

Evangelicalism Divided traces the fascinating saga of the personalities, institutions, and publications involved in the latter half of the twentieth century. Iain Murray shows how the new policy labelled “co-operation without compromise” led to concessions which seriously weakened biblical Christianity. He then contends that the first and greatest need within the church is to answer the most fundamental question of all, namely, “What is a Christian?” ~GBI Books

Foundations of Grace by Steven J. Lawson

From the lawgiver Moses to the apostle John, a long line of godly men have marched across the stage of human history—a triumphant parade of spiritual stalwarts who have upheld the doctrines of grace. In this book, the first in a five-volume series, Dr. Lawson takes readers on a heart-stirring survey through the Scriptures to show that the entire Bible teaches the doctrines of grace. ~GBI Books

Foxe’s Book of Martyrs by John W. Foxe

Foxe's Book of Martyrs is a record of the protestant martyrs, beginning with Stephen and ending during the reign of Queen Mary. Foxe was an educated martyrologist and was, himself, on the run from persecution for a period of his life. This collection of stories is an inspirational volume of the power of faith. ~Amazon.com

Martyrs Mirror by Theileman J. van Braght

The author's gigantic work, the record of Christian faith and endurance from the first century to the Anabaptist persecutions in the sixteenth century. Here are stories of men and women who died for their belief. Written in 1659 by a Dutch Mennonite to strengthen the faith of his fellow believers and translated into German in 1748 through 1749 at the time of the French and Indian War for the same reason. In 1886 it was translated into English. A challenge to many generations. ~CBD Books

Revive Us Again by Joel Carpenter

In Revive Us Again, Joel A. Carpenter illuminates this remarkable transformation, exploring the history of American fundamentalism from 1925 to 1950, the years when, to non-fundamentalists, the movement seemed invisible. Skillfully blending painstaking research, telling anecdotes, and astute analysis, Carpenter--a scholar who has spent twenty years studying American evangelicalism--brings this era into focus for the first time. ~Amazon.com

The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History by A. Kenneth Curtis, J. Stephen Lang, and Curtis Peterson

Brush up on the people, places, and events every Christian should know about with this fascinating, accessible guide. ~Amazon.com

The Story of Christianity: Vol. 1 by Justo Gonzalez

Handy for learning church history, volume 1 moves from the beginnings of the church up to the Reformation. ~GBI Books

The Story of Christianity: Vol. 2 by Justo Gonzalez

Volume 2 begins with the Reformation and moves to the contemporary state of the church. The book reads easily and has a more topical than strict chronological approach to events and peoples. ~GBI Books

Whatever Happened to the Reformation? by Gary L. W. Johnson and R. Fowler White

I read a lot of books. Many of them pass before my eyes fairly rapidly. This one jerked me to a stop, not because I had written one of the chapters, but because the material is so pertinent for the understanding of the current state of evangelicalism. —John MacArthur

Five Leading Reformers by Christopher Catherwood

Christopher Catherwood, a writer abreast of ongoing historical study of the period and aware of the spiritual issues hanging on the chain of events, track five major players from the cradle to the grave:  Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Carnmer, Know.  Each in his way was a watershed figure, and Catherwood's vivid profiling of them will help to keep their memory green. -- J.I. Packer