cornette300pix.jpgPastor Cornette was born in Charleston, West Virginia but due to the nature of his father’s work, has lived in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Michigan growing up. He served in the U.S. Army (1964-67), being stationed in Kentucky, Georgia and Colorado as well as in Korea. Pastor Cornette is married to Lola, also from West Virginia, and they have been blessed by God with five sons, all married, and with eighteen grandchildren.

Our pastor received his formal training for ministry at Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan, Dallas Theological Seminary’s Philadelphia extension, and Luther Rice Seminary, then in Jacksonville, Florida. He has Bachelor of Religious Education, Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Ministry degrees. He established an independent Baptist church in New Jersey, where he pastored for twenty-eight years, before accepting the pastorate of a church in Virginia. Agape is Dr. Cornette’s third church.



He ministered for 41 years.  Agape has a candidate coming on September 28, 2014 and our prayer is that the Lord will direct us to the one He has for us.